After repeatedly disappearing, an elderly woman's antics cause the family to be somewhat suspicious of where, what - and who - she does.

This film was made as part of my second year final major project at University.

Offline, Online, MGFX, VFX
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Cast & Crew

Directed By: Rhiann Jones

Written & Produced By: Emily MacKenzie

Director Of Photography: Aeneas Macdonald

Edited By: Ben Watson

Sally: Norma Cohen

Steph: Sibylla Meienburg

Matt: Paul Boichat

Eldest Child: Noah Macmull

Youngest Child: Milo Kester

Taxi Driver: Huseyin Karanfil

Receptionist: Hakilah Jownally

1st Assistant Director: Luke Chandler

Sound Design: Sam Cousins

Boom Operator: Nathalie Parry

Special Thanks to: Sarah Macmull, Mary Toussaint and Portia Barnett-Herrin


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