Short Film

Estranged Orphans tentatively reunite to spread their former guardian's ashes, in the hope to bury past conflicts.

Made as part of the Easter Programme for the National Youth Film Academy. We had ten days to write, produce, film and edit all before screening it at the O2 Cineworld Cinema.

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Cast & Crew

The National Youth Film Academy presents

Directed by: The Brindle Twins

Produced by: Amy Ealham

Director of Photography: Ashley Whyte

Edited by: Ben Watson

Written by: Alex Brand & Lewis Brindle

Production Crew: Christian Woodward


Mia - Adlyn Walton

Jacob - Bailey Harris-Kelly

Ollie - Brooke Gillingham

Peter - Cameron Mattless

Ivy - Ella Dacres

Ethan - Ferhat Bozkurt

Emma - Lauren Brooks

May - Lucy Kyne

Kira - Tanya Wylie

Sophie - Theo Wozniak-Kay

Special Thanks to Katie Penn & Sam Clemens

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