Along with the launch of my new film production company — titled Microwave, we decided to make a speculative advert for it, to not only show off our talents with filmmaking, but to also sell us as a brand as a whole.

An advert, to sell the idea, that we can make adverts.

Microwave was formed as we all finished University together, so we wanted to create a brand that we could all push to sell together. Starting the company in the middle of a pandemic was tough, but unlimitedly, we had a lot of time to make our brand in a concentrated environment gave us the ability to really push ourselves to make the best brand we could.

Director, Offline, Online, MGFX, VFX
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Cast & Crew

Directed by: Ben Watson

Director of Photography: Grayson Moody

Sound & Music: Sam Cousins

First Assistant Director: Jem Horstead

Host: Holly Dixon

Narrator: Eric Colvin

Production Designer: Safi Liesnham

Hair & Make-Up: Cosima Sophia

Costume Designer: Emily Pond

First Assistant Camera: Niamh Crowley

Second Assistant Camera: Kaleb Harvey

With a Special Thanks to: Annie Parker, Derek Watson & Tom Ball, London South Bank University and PlantSocietree


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